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When I'm feeling a bit sad, thinking about my favourite things can often cheer me up. (Chocolate, walking my dogs and dancing would have to be on my list!) 

This afternoon, I came across these picture on the internet and they inspired me to set you another Literacy/Art task. Have a little look at them. What do you see? 

Perhaps, a young girl has drawn herself and then filled the empty space with images of the things she likes the most. The pictures give us little clues that reveal more about her. Which country do you think she is from? What do you think she wants to be when she is older? 

Your job is to do the same. Draw an outline of yourself or a thought bubble and fill it with clues about your personality, character, ambitions, likes/dislikes, future goals... the list is endless! Once you have finished your drawing, it is time to start writing. Please describe what you have drawn and more importantly, why you have chosen to draw certain things. What do they mean to you? Don't forget to use adventurous vocabulary, correct spelling and accurate punctuation. 

Email photos of your pictures and writing to me so I can put them on the website. I can't wait to see them! Mrs Mills x