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At Brize Norton School, our aim is that children learn well and they have fun while they are doing it. So, we teach the National Curriculum (see our Results page for how well we do in English and Maths), and we also do our best to put in opportunities to develop children's confidence, social skills, teamwork and simple sense of fun in their own learning. 

Children's learning in English and Maths is assessed six times a year, based on age-related expectations. This means that we look at the National Curriculum for children in their year group and judge whether they are beginning, working within or secure within the list of what they should be able to do that year. Some children may be working above or below their year group, so they may be given a grade from the year group above or below. 

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of the curriculum and your child's learning, please talk to his/ her teacher.







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