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Welcome to The Hurricane Class!

We have some wonderful Year 1 and 2 students this year, with the support of fabulous, hard-working TAs throughout various days of the week! In the mornings Years 1 and 2 are taught separately, with Mrs Johnson and Year 1 in the hall and Mrs Conner and Year 2 in the classroom. We are usually together in the afternoons. 

I am sure there may be questions that will arise throughout the school year and I strongly believe in parent communication.  You may speak to me first thing in the morning or after school, or email the office and they will forward your letter to me and I will respond as quickly as I can.  I will be happy to speak with you, as communication is key to your child's success.  

I have high expectations for all students, with an "above and beyond" attitude.  I know you will be surprised by the growth you will notice in your child throughout the school year.  To create an exceptional student, it takes the home and the school.  Please be a part of your child's education as much as you can.  Ask questions about their day and what they learned in class (if they say nothing, they are lying!) :) Be a part of their homework assignments. Being involved is the best you can do!  Thank you for all of your support and I am so proud of your children!!  I love their hugs, smiles and brilliant attitude towards their school work.  

Mrs. Conner  

Class events

Fri 6 Dec

Christmas bazaar

Mon 16 Dec

KS1 production (PM and evening)

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Christmas at Cogges

We had a wonderful morning travelling back in time discovering how Christmas was celebrated in the past. We made natural evergreen decorations from Pagan times, gingerbread pig biscuits from the Tudor period, crackers from the Victorian era and paper chains, with a make do and mend theme from the 1940s.The children also enjoyed an elf hunt in the walled garden and a Christmas puppet show to end our day. 

The children had a lovely time taking part in the activities and the ponies were a highlight for some! Hopefully their crackers made it home with the gift still inside! The children were a pleasure to be with and they made us very proud with their behaviour and politeness towards the staff at Cogges Farm. 

Posting our letters to Santa

This morning we all walked down to the post box to post our letters to Santa, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Johnson posted the letters for the children who were not here today, so don't worry all the letters are now on their way to the North Pole. We are looking forward to seeing whether Santa writes back!

A hive of Autumnal activity!

At times, the adults had to look around for the children on Tuesday because it was so quiet!!  They were all happily playing and creating at various places around the site! Some children had chosen to build a fence using old pallets at the top of Forest School and were then playing in their 'new den', others were digging and creating rivers, some were lighting fires or climbing trees and many were creating some of the Autumn-inspired crafts.  There were woodland sprites, owl tree cookies and clay leaf dishes...and then someone had an idea to create a big tree cookie, decorate it and split it - so that they could give half to a friend!  Imagination, creativity and friendship at its best!

It is always nice to have a relaxing 10 minutes by the fire to warm up and have something to eat; this week we had a surplus of carrots in school, so we used them to make soup on the campfire!

Year 1 Dance Festival

The Year 1 children had a wonderful time at Burford School, learning a dance about fireworks. Thank you to the Burford School sports leaders for giving the children so much fun. 

DT DAY - Making Apple Crumble

What an incredible DT day Hurricanes and Lancasters had together.  We started off the morning by researching apple crumble recipes and discussing the differences in each recipe we found.  Some subtle differences were in the ingredients and the method of how the apple crumble was made.  We then began our adventure apple picking.  What a blast we had, picking the best looking apples from the trees (with help from the teachers and assistants).  We then prepared the apple crumble by washing the apples, peeling, coring and cutting the apples, then finally getting them ready to simmer.  In the afternoon, we wrote a recipe for apple crumble and made the crumble, before putting our apple crumbles together to bring home and finally bake.  Wow, what a day!

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