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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Johnson; our teaching assistants are Miss Hill in the mornings and Mrs Mulcahy in the afternoons. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae.

In the Buccaneers we love to learn! We have created a a learning environment that encourages the children to practice new skills, play with friends, explore and develop ideas and most importantly have fun. We have a fabulous garden which we use as much as we can. The children have a mud kitchen which they use to make wonderful creations, leaf soup, mud chilli and my favourite hot chocolate! We also have a great tyre sand pit, water area, bikes and gardening area which the children enjoy planting seeds, bulbs and watching their plants grow.

Children's social, emotional, physical and communication skills are are supported in conjunction with the teaching of  reading, writing and maths. Our curriculum ensures that children's individual needs are met and they are given the best opportunity to develop and grow in a safe and inspiring environment. We support the children in developing the skills they need to build firm foundations that will help them as they progress on their learning journey.

Class events

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Jumping in muddy puddles!

The children had great fun this morning jumping in puddles and discovering the river in our garden! It is great to get out and enjoy our garden whatever the weather and the children did seem to love the rain and the puddles it left!

As the weather is now very changeable and we have more wet weather days please can you send your children in with a set of spare clothes as we only have a very limited supply of spare clothes. In Early Years we do go outside whatever the weather and we do try to make sure the children are dressed appropriately. If you would like to send waterproofs in with your child please let us know and we can make sure they wear them when it is particularly wet.

Mrs Johnson 


Today we went on a walk through Forest School and told the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears as we went along. We stopped at the mud kitchen where there were three different sized bowls of porridge, before moving on. Then we stopped at 3 different sized chairs - before moving to the campfire to finish.  The children were very good at remembering and retelling the story and then moved on to make bear puppets and necklaces, clay porridge bowls and puppet porridge spoons.  It was lovely to hear that some children went home and asked for a Goldilocks inspired porridge snack!😊

Run, run, as fast as you can!

This week we have been looking at the story of the The Gingerbread Man. The children have been very busy making boats for the Gingerbread man to get across the river (water tray) safely so the fox doesn't eat him. The children have used sticks, leaves and some even used stones for stepping stones across the river.

We have also made our own gingerbread people, I hear they were very tasty! The children really enjoyed rolling out the dough and making faces with the currants and some used a spoon to make a line for the mouth. I even managed to get them out of the oven before they all ran away. The children were very pleased about that.

Wreaths, bird feeders and puddle jumping

It was another soggy Monday this week - but the children didn’t seem to care...in fact, they seemed to ‘run out’ of water as they attempted to fill a ‘puddle-jumping’ hole!

Lots of children had a go at using Virginia Creeper to weave wreaths to hang on their doors at home; this required some patience and concentration but they did really well.  Bird feeders were also super popular and we had some fab creations made for gardens.

The children were encouraged to keep moving to stay warm and lots of them played imaginative games, bounced on the slack line and went on a spider hunt!

Hot Chocolate cafe!

This afternoon we thought it would be nice to treat the children to a hot chocolate. The children have been working so hard all week so we made a hot chocolate cafe outside. Before I could make the hot chocolate I needed to know how many orders I had. The children helped out by asking each other and writing down how many wanted a hot chocolate. This was great practice for the number formations we have been learning and the children seemed to really enjoy taking the orders for me.

They all seemed to enjoy their special treat as it was all gone very quickly!

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