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The children in Buccaneers and Hurricanes have had a busy few weeks at Forest School. They have been exploring the changes that have been taking place and enjoying the chance to work together and be creative.  Some of the children found feathers and wanted to do something with them so we sat around the campfire and talked about different ideas.  The following week, some children made bird tree cookies with feathery wings, while others made blackberry ink and discovered that they could write with a feather!  A few of the boys had some fiery success after they were shown how to make pinecone firelighters, and they managed to get their fire going properly!

Busy, busy, busy!

The Buccaneers are a busy little bunch; they are keen to try everything and get involved with using tools to make and create.  

The freshly pressed apple juice from Mrs Shipway went down a treat this week, washing down the hotdogs perfectly!

Creativity and Accomplishments

It is so rewarding to see children on a mission and taking charge of their learning. Some kids just know what it is that they want to do and they go out to achieve it.  This group are familiar with Forest School and it shows.  They are confident and comfortable and work together so well.  It was so lovely to see such creativity today - but it was amazing to hear a real whoop of excitement when someone overcame a problem.