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Welcome to Nightingales!

In our class we have 18 children in Foundation Stage plus 7 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistant is Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

Tue 28 Nov

Woodstock Museum trip

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Topic: Toys from the Past 

This term our topic will have a history focus, we will be learning about Toys from the Past. Last week we began our topic by thinking about how we have changed.  Children brought in photographs of themselves as babies, we enjoyed guessing who was who, children then thought about how they had changed, what they could do when they were babies and what they can do now. Thank you to our baby visitors, Florence and Harry, who helped us think about how we change and grow. 

This week we have begun exploring toys from the past and comparing them to toys from today.  Children have had opportunities to explore a range of toys including dolls, spinning tops and pull along toys, talking about what materials they are made of and how they have changed over time. 

Later this term we will be visiting the Oxfordshire Museum with Kennedy Class to take part in their Toys and Games workshop to further develop children's experiences and understanding. 

Science Oxford

Children all enjoyed science week at the end of last term when we combined with Kennedy Class to all take part in a range of science experiments. The week ended with a visit from Science Oxford, where we learned about 'Inventing Isabelle' and how some materials were better than others for making umbrellas and anchors! 

Learning new skills...

We've had a great first week back at Forest School with Nightingales and Kennedy Class.  Many of the children were keen to have a go at whittling using a knife.  We showed them how to use a knife safely, and watched them carefully as they whittled sticks to make a point.  Some children turned their sticks into a witch by adding eyes and a nose and colouring the point black.  However, many of the Kennedy class were keen to make spears!!

We came together around the fire this week to have Jiffy Pop from Canada and hot chocolate - followed by a song!

Invaluable help

The parent helpers that come out to Forest School on a weekly basis, rain or shine, are absolutely invaluable.  They are full of enthusiasm and immerse themselves in all activities.  It would be impossible to have our sessions without these wonderful people; thank you Mrs Blake, Mr Wright, Miss Glennister, Mrs Shipway, Mrs Wright, Mr Roberts and Mrs Gidlow!

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

We sang a different scarecrow song to the one that Nightingales sang in church last week, and then the children had the opportunity to make their very own scarecrow to take home for the garden.

Some children enjoyed getting their hands inside a pumpkin and talking about how it felt.  They scooped out the seeds and then safely used some tools to carve a face!

They enjoyed building, playing, climbing and helping to prepare apple fritters by using the special 'apple machine!'  It was a lovely season before the half term break.

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